Land Auctions – Call a Professional Auctioneer

Nebraska Land Auction

Land Auctions

When it comes to selling a large asset like land, you have a choice. If you’re considering an auction, give Adam Marshall a call. Adam is the lead auctioneer and associate broker with Lashley Land and they can offer you a professional land auction. We use large projector screens to display bids, show Power Points of your land, and have coffee and cookies for the bidders. We can offer your land in separate tracts, entirety, or in any combination with our multi-par auction software.

Adam has studied the best in the land auction business and has learned the important aspects of selling land at auction. He belongs to the National Auctioneer Association and attends their annual conference to provide the most up-to-date services for you.

Land Auctions offer:

A competitive bidding format, negotiating the price up, not down.
A definite closing date, knowing you’ll have your money that day.
You set the terms for the auction that bidders agree to.
Auctions are fast, fun and transparent. Equal opportunity for both the seller and buyer.
Lashley Land and Adam Marshall have a good reputation for transparency and success with land auctions.Nebraska Land Auction


If you’d like to visit more, call Adam Marshall at (308) 440-1923.